Just a small programming note: after ten and a half years, I left my last position, and moved on to a new one. I’m still managing, still writing, but at a much younger company, which is always interesting.

As per my usual policy, I won’t mention names here, but if you follow me on LinkedIn, you can figure it out.

Also worth mentioning that as always, all words here are mine, and I don’t speak for my employer.

Unrelated grammar nit: I was trying to determine if the saying was onward and upward or onwards and upwards. The  first one sounded right to me. Both of the -ward words in question are adverbs with the -s, or adjectives without. (You look downwards; Nine Inch Nails has a great record called The Downward Spiral.)

The saying could be using adverbs or adjectives though, so none of this helps. I think both AP and Chicago Manual of Style would say that Americans would drop the -s and British love to keep it. So, onward and upward.