Some of the things I do:

  • Information architecture, including planning and design of documentation sets.
  • Planning and design of documentation systems, such as knowledge bases, wikis, and content management systems.
  • DITA, MadCap Flare, and FrameMaker book design, templates, automation, and documentation workflow development.
  • Static site generation using Jekyll and Markdown.
  • Design and authoring of end-user and internal conceptual and procedural guides, such as user guides, install guides, and quick start manuals.
  • API documentation, including guides, tutorials, HTML-based docs such as JavaDoc or Eclipse Help, and examples.
  • Documentation migration, especially transfer of legacy documentation to FrameMaker or CMS-based systems.
  • Design, implementation, and authoring of online help systems, specializing in one-off custom systems, but RoboHelp is excellent, too.
  • Doc group management.